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<< I'd like to know as more as possible about Keltool and Express Tool.
 I mean everything describing the two processes.

If you would like to find out a little more about 3D Keltool you can visit
our Website at where there is a brief description of the
process. You can contact us directly and we can send you literature or
describe the process over the phone to you. If you are near the Chicago area
you can visit our facility and see for yourself how it works. We are set up
kinda like Lenscrafters (they make eye glasses and you can watch them build
your glasses through the window) so you can see the workers in the labs
working, "through the windows" building the Keltool mold inserts. You can
contact me directly atthe address below if you have any further questions.
Bob Morton
Fusion Engineering
5141 27th ave
Rockford Il 61109
ph 815-397-6069
fax 815-397-8813

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