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From: Jim Payne (
Date: Tue Apr 13 1999 - 01:40:00 EEST

I disagree with your analysis of the way that service bureaus operate. Any
company that pays no attention to the cost of their overhead is not going to
survive any time at all. What it all comes down to is how low will you go
to attract a customer. We have seen where SB's are giving away parts at
their cost in order to attract customers to the industry. It's an attitude
of get them in the door and let them see what RP can do for them and then
once you have them then you can bump the prices back up. Its unfortunate
that you choose to stereotype service bureaus based on a small number of
cases. We have the same goal as many other businesses, we want to make a
profit and provide a high quality product to our customers.

Jim Payne
Emerge Inc.

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> One aspect of manfuacturing RP is that many service bureaus do not know
> much there overhead is. And, many do not calculate into their overhead
> cost of the facility, warehousing, safety, disposal, etc. After many
> in plastic, where processors know the overhead down to thousands of a
> I was very surprised to see lack of awareness of what is involved.
> B. J. Arnold-Feret
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