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I have gotten a lot of questions concerning my comment on low cost SLA
parts. The company that was supplying the extra-low cost parts is now
out of business. Which only makes sense. These parts were not inferior
- the company was just desperate to survive and did not understand the
overhead expenses assoicated with the SLA machines.
We continuely buy and resell SLA parts. The prices, while not that low,
are still low enough that it does not make sense for my company to invest
in an SLA system.
Alair Griffin
Javelin, a Lone Peak Engineering, Inc. Company

There are some RP services in Italy selling SLA parts at very low cost. I
think this will cause some problems soon in the future.

The parts they sell are not good finished and people approaching for the
first to the RP sometimes think models are not good enough for they
purposes, so they stop to consider RP in their product development.I think
it's much better to offer a good model built with good materials: quality
is always appreciated!

Low profits usually don't consider the cost of machines maintenance and,
above all, don't allow a service to invest in research and development. In
our kind of enviroment, this is the way to get out of the market in a few
years (after damaging the market itself.)

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