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Date: Tue Apr 13 1999 - 12:10:27 EEST

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        Verzonden: dinsdag 13 april 1999 9:20
        Aan: 'Gabe Clark';
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        Get real you hardly pay anything for petrol as it is!
        In the UK we pay about 5.4 dollars per gallon.


        [Bart:] Indeed, Over here in holland (the Netherlands ) we pay about
$ 1.5 for one liter!!!! It is frustrating to see how everybody here tries to
save gasoline, and indirect so the environment, by buying small economical
cars with engines of about 1000cc, and then see Americans use huge
quantities of very cheap gasoline in cars that are way overpowered for their
purpose !!! No I 'm sorry, but I can't feel sorry for you also....

        Greetings, Bart Kooijmans

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