A unique and comprehensive program focusing on the technology, processes and equipment for extrusion!

From: Marina Shara (sharmar@sme.org)
Date: Wed Apr 14 1999 - 00:36:41 EEST

If you are interested in spending two intensive days learning and
applying extrusion technology in a one of a kind technical seminar and
hands-on workshop at the world's largest manufacturer of auxiliary
equipment for the plastics industry, than you don't want to miss:

Fundamentals of Extrusion Technology: Technical Seminar and Hands-on
Conair Facility
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
June 22-23, 1999

Attend this event and ...
* Understand the basics of the extrusion process
* Observe and participate in process demonstrations
* Gain critical knowledge of recent technology and equipment
* Exchange ideas and practices with others in the extrusion
* Hear from a number of industry expert, such as Peter Rinaudo,
        Standard; Simon Dominey; Killion Extruders; Bob Bessemer, Conair and
        many more!

Also, Don't Miss the Tutorial: "Techniques and Processes Used for
Non-Continuous Extruded Shapes," designed to provide you with an
understanding of techniques used to vary extrusion tubes and profiles as
an automated in-line or automated off-line process.

Tutorial Instructor: Simon Dominey, Business Manager for Killion
Extruders Division of Davis Standard)

Attend and learn about...
* The difference between bump tube and taper tube
* The role of air pressure control in bump tube
* What sort of profile to use for set-up
* Cooling through design for bump tube
* Methods for cutting discrete lengths from complex corrugated
* In process color change
* A technique for encapsulating one material intermittently within
        another material
* How a flexible drinking straw is formed

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