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Date: Thu Apr 15 1999 - 19:30:24 EEST

Dear list,

There is a CAD package called IRONCAD that can convert .STL files into ACIS
solids. The .STL files need to be verified watertight however. I have a
copy and it works with relatively straight forward models. It has a great
feature that lets you pick whether or not to let the software fit a surface
to a curved facetted surface or let it stay facetted. I haven't had very
good luck with the feature however but I'm not sure if it is the file
quality or the software. It can also do a feature recognition and turn a
.STL hole into a hole feature that can be then dragged around the model and
it stays attached to the surface. Pretty cool stuff.

BTW, .STL files DO contain enough information to create a solid as long as
they are water tight and have no inverted normals.

The package also imports .STL files and renders them with raytracing shadows
etc. It has a slick edge finder that is pretty good at finding true edges
and smoothing out the others.

Check it out on or call 1800 win953D and ask for Bill

Lee Dockstader
Hong Kong

PS This software is the rebuilt software that used to be called
TriSpectives Technical. VDS bought 3D/EYE Inc and reworked the software to
do strictly CAD work.

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>I know convert a solid model into a meshed model, but, can I do the

        Bart Kooijmans: Judging from your email adress you are a student,
and I feel everyone is entitled to an answer, even if it is common knowledge
to most others on this list. As the stl file only describes the surface of
your model, you have lost all information regarding the way the original
file was made. Some software can do simple editing to these stl files but it
is impossible to retrieve all the information you need to transform it back
to pro engineer or other. All I ever managed to do was to read an stl back
into my CAD programme "POWER-SHAPE" from DELCAM (UK) all the triangels were
wires, in which I could make surfaces. Then I tried to draw new surfaces
using this model as a basis. This was no succes for editing nore for
accuracy, and turning it into a solid was too much for the software. Maybe
it could have worked for simple smaller models, I never tried ever since...

        Good luck,


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