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Mr. Morton,

    This is an interesting request. My company is quite familiar with all of the technologies and most of the major service providers in this industry around the world. We often provide assistance to major corporations seeking an economical path into using fabricators ("rapid prototyping equipment"). Our clients have included some of the largest companies in the US, Germany, and Japan. I would be happy to discuss how we could help your client source the services it needs on a global basis. For background on Ennex Corporation, please visit our Web site at You may find a list of our previous clients at I would be happy to discuss this project further with you in private.

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Marshall Burns

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Date: Thursday, April 15, 1999 02:30

            We have a number of large corporate clients in both the US, Europe
            and Asia whom wish to globally source numerous Rapid Prototyping and
            related services. They do not however, wish to absorbing the overhead
            associated with conducting the sourcing process themselves but rather
            would prefer to deal through an independent Broker of sorts.
            Are there any such organisation out there that would take on such a
            proposition? If so can you please forward your details directly to
            me for consideration.
            Thank you for your submissions in advance.
            Derek Morton
            Direct service providers need not apply.

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