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Hii listers
I agree with Elaine and hope that every body does too.

She will provide the logos to Digibotics booth #630 and Time-Compression Technologies booth. We can pick them up as soon as we can, I do suggest to wear it during the Wednsday meeting or even before during the conferences and show if you feel comfortable so we can identify ourself before the meeting.
We will meet (rpl-listers) just after the wednsday RPA meeting in the same room.
Hope there is no problem to stay longer in the room, if there is any problems we will find the way to move somewhere else according to the number of listers.

I do suggest Elain, Marshal and our RPML Owner (in the case you are going) to lead or chair the meeting

The ones that are not going to make it for any reason for the wednsday meeting let us know where are you going to be and we will try to contact you somewhere else during the show.

Best regards to all of you... and hope see you soon.

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