SLS glass duraform

From: Drew Brown (
Date: Sun Apr 18 1999 - 18:34:29 EEST

Has anyone been having problems with the SLS glass duraform recently?
This is related to both newly received material and part processing.

We've noticed some of the new containers have material that feels
almost wet (we can ball it up like a snow ball). Is this common with
others running it? Also how have you found the processing of this
material recently? Has it changed from when you first started running
it? Over the last month we have discovered some puzzling problems that
have not been experienced before with any of the other materials

I've recently heard that new glass duraform material is not currently
available from DTM and wonder if there are problems with the material
and the supplier of the material.

Thanks in advance.

Drew Brown
Conceptual Reality L.L.C.

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