Fred Steinbauer

From: Pressley, Rick (
Date: Wed Apr 21 1999 - 16:32:04 EEST

Fred Steinbauer passed away April 20 @ 6:20pm

Fred had been in the hospital the last several weeks. He returned home over
this passed weekend. Randy Roland and myself had just visited with him
earlier in the day. ( He was still talking Rapid Prototyping when we left.)
He passed away shortly after our visit.

We were told that Fred has several weeks left. I had planned to publish his
address today for cards. Instead I have to be the bearer of the news that he
has passed away.

If anyone wishes to send cards or flowers his address is:

Fred & Judy Steinbauer
2200 Monica Drive
West Palm Beach, Florida 33415

Fred will be missed. More details could be available this afternoon. I will
try to keep you up to date.

For those of you did not know Fred, he has been involved with SLA since the
early days with one of the first beta machines released. Elaine could
probably shed a lot more info on him and those early days.

I have worked with Fred for the last five years. He has taught us well. He
was good teacher, co-worker and a GREAT FRIEND.

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