Re: Improved Accuracy Tools

Date: Thu Apr 22 1999 - 16:23:29 EEST

Dear List

I find that the idea to make tools in this way could be usefull.

I think though that the most expensive step for the moment will be the CAD

The making of the second and exactly compensated 3-D model may be
timeconsuming and expencive.

My question therefore is

Are there any "automatic" and easy ways to compensate and make a new STL
file when you have got your first 3-D file and the first cast tool, which
will because of metal shrinkage be smaller than your first 3D model?

 What programs and services are available to make this second 3D model
easily? The model has to be exactly as much oversized as the shrinkage of
the first tool?

Electrolux Rapid Development

Stefan Ronnlund

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