Re: Improved Accuracy Tools

From: Paul J. Burr (
Date: Thu Apr 22 1999 - 19:42:52 EEST

>My question therefore is
>Are there any "automatic" and easy ways to compensate and make a new STL
>file when you have got your first 3-D file and the first cast tool, which
>will because of metal shrinkage be smaller than your first 3D model?
> What programs and services are available to make this second 3D model
>easily? The model has to be exactly as much oversized as the shrinkage of
>the first tool?
>Electrolux Rapid Development
>Stefan Ronnlund

Stefan: I routinely do an overall scale up in the CAD program before sending
it over to our Sanders ModelMaker.
I'm doing jewelry design, so this may not apply to your apllications.
Through trial and error, we've determined that items that will be rubber
molded need to be increased in size by 5%. Lost wax shirnks a bit more, so
I'll compensate them an additional 10%. This works well with the small sizes
(under 40mm diameter) that we deal with.

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