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From: harvest@harvest-tech.com
Date: Fri Apr 23 1999 - 00:48:05 EEST

I've talked to Terry a couple of times, but have never discussed
specifics. It is interesting to see growth projections for "total rp
sales" to include sales from service bureaus when I've never
released a tax statement, a monthly sales history, or similar. I
beleive alot of analysis by its very nature is conjecture. I've been
involved in rp since '90-'91 time frame. I helped start a new service
bureau in late '95. We started with 1 DTM SLS2000 and have since
added 2 DTM SLS2500s. In checking others with the same
technology (and with the departure of PlyEx and Compression as
major players), it appears that we have grown to be one of the larger
SLS bureaus out there. Our sales growth has been tremendous and
we have made wise business decisions to this point
(manage/eliminate debt).

So, I'm peachy.

Unofficial Statistics on the RP State of the Industry

1 peaved (Karl)
1 peachy (David)
1 purged (PlyEx)

Here's to the FlameMasters to come.
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