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Thursday, April 22, 1999
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Advanced Technology Consultants LLC
Announces a the first in a series of educational events
called "selling the Industry"

Commerce Township, Michigan,-- Advanced Technology Consultants L.L.C. a
consulting firm that specializes in Rapid Prototyping and Rapid
Manufacturing has set up a new course called "Selling the Industry". The
course is designed for those that sell products and services related to the
Rapid Prototyping industry.

This course gives you a complete technology overview which includes all of
the currently available systems. We show you the differences in these
systems and help you understand why it's important to you and your

We show you how each system builds and will go over the true advantages and
disadvantages of each technology, as it relates to building real world parts
for fit, function, rubber tooling, investment casting, and other uses. Your
instructors are real world, hands on, users of these technologies. We take
you through the final part preparation of each technology, a step often over

Our section on "Potential Customer Applications" is intended to show you
exactly what these parts are
being used for. We discuss case studies relating to tooling options and then
give you insight as to real successes and failures!

The next section of the course takes you through the purchase justification
process. We have assembled an impressive set of tools which will help you
sell this technology, whether it's to one of your customers or that all
important internal sale!. We provide you with a CDROM which has all of the
Excel spread sheets, Word documents and Power Point presentations used
throughout the course so you will be ready to write that winning proposal!

The "Selling Your Success" section of the course will help you identify
potential customers of these technologies and show you how to capture their
attention, then keep it!

Our guest speaker will then take you through the requirements of leasing or
financing one or more of these technologies.

Complete course outline and schedule can be accessed via Advanced Technology
Consultants LLC website at:

For more information on other services that Advanced Technology Consultants
LLC can provide connect to :

Karl R. Denton, a long standing expert in the field of Rapid Manufacturing
Technologies that include rapid prototyping, rapid tooling and
investment/sand casting has published numerous papers on rapid prototyping
and tooling including a chapter in SME's Stereolithography and other RP&M
Technologies book. Web design and the Internet had been used by Karl R.
Denton to help in the advancement of Rapid Manufacturing since 1994 and as
such he is now looked on as an expert in that field as well.

Steve Hildebrandt graduated from Michigan Tech with a Bachelors Degree in
Mechanical Engineering and has been and Advanced Technology Engineer with
Prince Corporation for over 12 years and has also contributed to the Rapid
Manufacturing industry. Steve's first involvement with rapid prototyping
was in 1988 when the first unit was shipped to Baxter Health Care. Steve
has also given many talks and educational seminars on rapid prototyping and


Karl R. Denton
Advanced Technology Consultants LLC
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Commerce Twp., MI 48382
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Helping you excel through the use of Advanced Technologies

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