Fred Steinbauer, The passing of a dinasaur

From: Elaine Hunt (
Date: Fri Apr 23 1999 - 15:37:00 EEST

Rick Pressley wrote that Fred Steinbauer has passed away and will be buried
tomorrow. While many of you on this list did not know him, as many of you
knew Dick Aubin, I would like to tell you about Fred and his passion for
this technology. He along with other beta SLA users helped found the NASUG
to help drive this industry. While many traveled and spoke the vision for
the technology, Fred often remained at Pratt Whitney and worked to find new
methods, avenues, and directions for this technology. He firmly believed
this technology has only scratched the surface of possibilities. Those who
worked with him, who knew him, and loved him, was touched by the zeal with
which he attacked not only life but also his attempts to make the RP
technology a viable method of prototyping and manufacturing. While many of
his visions will remain part of Pratt some will eventually enhance all RP
technologies and will touch the entire user community.

At the 1998 NASUG meeting in San Antonio Fred was recognized, along with
other beta members, as a dinosaur and received a stuffed dinosaur from
Steve Deak. Fred was thrilled and with his usual prickly tone said he was
proud to be from an extinct group. Fred did indeed belong to a group of
very few individuals who speak their minds, search for other paths, demand
excellence, and push forward when others would rather lag behind or quit.
To many he may appeared as a frail man with a big dream but to those if us
who knew him, Fred Steinbauer was a giant of a man and a hell of a
dinosaur. And like the dinosaurs of old, he can not be replaced.

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