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Date: Fri Apr 23 1999 - 17:41:30 EEST

I felt that I should add to this. Fred was my mentor and a very good
When this technology was coming into Pratt & Whitney, he took me under
his wing and taught me everything. He was always coming up with
something new, innovative and challenging. Fred was a smart, caring
man and a lot of fun to work with. He was always there for me and my
family and I will miss very him.


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On Fri, 23 Apr 1999 08:37:00 -0400 Elaine Hunt <>
>Rick Pressley wrote that Fred Steinbauer has passed away and will be
>tomorrow. While many of you on this list did not know him, as many of
>knew Dick Aubin, I would like to tell you about Fred and his passion
>this technology. He along with other beta SLA users helped found the
>to help drive this industry. While many traveled and spoke the vision
>the technology, Fred often remained at Pratt Whitney and worked to
>find new
>methods, avenues, and directions for this technology. He firmly
>this technology has only scratched the surface of possibilities.
>Those who
>worked with him, who knew him, and loved him, was touched by the zeal
>which he attacked not only life but also his attempts to make the RP
>technology a viable method of prototyping and manufacturing. While
>many of
>his visions will remain part of Pratt some will eventually enhance all
>technologies and will touch the entire user community.
>At the 1998 NASUG meeting in San Antonio Fred was recognized, along
>other beta members, as a dinosaur and received a stuffed dinosaur from
>Steve Deak. Fred was thrilled and with his usual prickly tone said he
>proud to be from an extinct group. Fred did indeed belong to a group
>very few individuals who speak their minds, search for other paths,
>excellence, and push forward when others would rather lag behind or
>To many he may appeared as a frail man with a big dream but to those
>if us
>who knew him, Fred Steinbauer was a giant of a man and a hell of a
>dinosaur. And like the dinosaurs of old, he can not be replaced.
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