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Date: Fri Apr 23 1999 - 22:43:28 EEST

Dear List,

I agree with steven that CAD is the sticking point. I've written an
article about this. One piece of exciting news is that Nintendo had
announced a cad program for the GAME Boy, based on Nichimen's facet
modeler. This program was only released in Japan, last year. It has not
made its way out of Japan to larger markets. I sincerely hope that it
does, for it will begin to create the base you are talking about, what
might be called non expert RP. In the meantime, I'm surprised not to see
rp companies joining up with Software manufacturers to encourage growth
and innovation in this area.

The other thing which is significant is that rp has not yet made
significant inroads into animation practice. The siggraph subcommittee
for the Guerilla gallery is trying to change this a little. This year at
Siggraph, users will be able to print out all kinds of 3D objects using
several rp devices.

I think Terry's report (though I haven't seen it and don't have the $395
to purchase it) is perhaps something of a wake up call. In this sense it
could be positive.

When RP can express itself in novelties we may have a lively
combination. Last January, I threw a party to promote my sculpture
exhibition. At everyone's place setting was a small very curious rp
object. At the end of the party everyone scampered to get theirs to take
it home. At the same time, some 30 people all took home a little
knowledge about RP. People who would not have been exposed to it
otherwise. One little thing that could be done more and more to promote
rp and its use.


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