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Ciba Specialty Chemicals and Z Corporation
Announce R&D Partnership

East Lansing, Mich., April 20 - Ciba Specialty Chemicals Corporation,
Performance Polymers, and Z Corporation, Somerville, Massachusetts, today
announced a research and development partnership to generate new materials
for the rapid generation of three-dimensional (3D) models and prototypes.
The new products will be formulated for use with Z Corporation's Z402*
system that produces solid parts in an office environment in a fraction of
the time required by other 3D printers.
        Ciba and Z Corporation initiated a preliminary product development
effort in October 1998, after Ciba purchased a Z402 system. According to
George Sollner, Vice President and Worldwide Head, Tooling, of Ciba, "Based
on the results of this research and surveys we've conducted of current
prototyping methods, we believe the technology utilized by Z Corporation has
tremendous growth potential in a broad range of manufacturing industries."

Z Corporation CEO, Marina Hatsopoulos, adds, "With Ciba's long-term
experience as a supplier of plastics for rapid prototyping and tooling and
Z Corporation's 3D printing and concept modeling expertise, we believe we
will be able to develop exciting new materials for the fast, support-free
production of durable models and prototypes that require minimal
post-processing." New-generation systems resulting from the research
partnership are also expected to exhibit good accuracy and a smooth surface
finish. Z Corporation will market the new products.

        Ciba Specialty Chemicals is a global leader in fast-setting
polyurethanes that produce thermoplastic-like prototypes in less than 30
minutes as well as castable epoxies for moldmaking. Ciba also recently
introduced a machinable board for producing rapid tooling in just hours.
These materials are used by automotive, appliance, medical equipment and
business machine manufacturers throughout the world to support new product
development. Ciba's traditional tooling products have been used by many of
these same customers for more than 50 years.
        Z Corporation, founded in 1994, markets the Z402 advanced system for
rapidly and economically generating 3D models and prototypes from a starch
and cellulose-based powder. The core technology for the Z402 system was
developed at and patented by MIT, and licensed to Z Corporation. Among Z
Corporation's customers are: Whirlpool, Kodak, Toyota, Daimler Chrysler,
Ford, Motorola and United Technologies, and more than 60 other international
For further information about Ciba rapid manufacturing systems, please
contact: Deann Asher, Ciba Specialty Chemicals, 4917 Dawn Avenue, East
Lansing, Michigan 48823, Tel: 517-324-1374; E-mail:
For more detail about Z Corporation and its products, contact: Kate Moore,
Z Corporation, 35 Medford Street, Suite 213, Somerville, Massachusetts
02143, Tel: 617-628-2781; Internet:

        The Performance Polymers division of Ciba Specialty Chemicals North
America develops, produces and markets epoxy resins and other
high-performance thermosets for high technology and industrial markets
worldwide. These products provide durability, extraordinary strength and
resistance to heat and corrosion. Performance Polymers supplies its
products to the electronics, coatings, structural composites, aircraft,
adhesives, tooling and electrical industries.

Ciba Specialty Chemicals (SWX:CIBN) is a leading company dedicated to
producing high-value effects for our customers' products. Our specialty
chemicals, added in small quantities, enhance the performance, look and feel
of the final product. Business success is driven by our long-term strategy
of innovation and continuous operational improvements. Ciba brings new and
creative thought to the processes and products of our customers in more than
117 countries. Ciba generated sales of more than $5.8 billion (CHF 8.4
billion) in 1998 and spent $210 million (CHF 300 million) on R&D to foster
innovation across the Company.

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