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Dear Gerard,

When you do your study please relate accuracy to machine size. I have been
duped by some people relating the accuracy of a big machine to the accuracy
of a small machine. I am proud of the accuracy of our 22" machine,
but it is not near as good as that of our small machine for several reasons.
The shorter the focus length the more defined
is the beam, similar to taking a picture of a mountain or a picture of an
ant hill. The shorter the throw the more accurate the scan line; consider a
60" throw is half the resolution as a 30 " throw. Also, a bigger machine
should have more power, therefore a multi-wave beam, where a single wave beam
is more defined. I am sure several people will provide you the bench marking
parts, but if not I will be happy to provide them to you.


Albert C. Young,

Gerard Ryder wrote:

> Hello mailing list,
> Is there anyone on this list that is a member of the North American
> StereoLithography User Group?
> I have been told that this group has a benchmarking model that is used by
> all SLA users in the group to determine the accuracy of their systems.
> Would it be possible to obtain the STL file for this model?
> I am attempting to put together a complete collection of accuracy figures
> for all available machines that will be used by us to inform industry of
> the systems that meet their requirements.
> Anyone that helps me with this task will also be able to get access to
> these numbers once they have been compiled.
> (Are there any existing accuracy figures that I could use?)
> If you can help then please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail on
> as soon as possible
> Thanks
> Gerard Ryder
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