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<< Ciba Specialty Chemicals and Z Corporation
 Announce R&D Partnership
 East Lansing, Mich., April 20 - Ciba Specialty Chemicals Corporation,
 Performance Polymers, and Z Corporation, Somerville, Massachusetts, today
 announced a research and development partnership to generate new materials
 for the rapid generation of three-dimensional (3D) models and prototypes.
 The new products will be formulated for use with Z Corporation's Z402*
 system that produces solid parts in an office environment in a fraction of
 the time required by other 3D printers. >>

A few months ago there was some talk on the RP-ML about edible prototypes.
Seeing this announcment started me thinking. This could be the beginning of
something interesting (seriously). Zcorps product is based on starch. If CIBA
developed and edible flavored binder for Z Corps process. Before long we
could see novelty businesses in the malls and county fairs selling flavored
edible prototypes grown custom for you. This could be an award, a gag gift, a
birthday cake decoration, or a novelty gift for someone special. Someone
could have a nice little novelty business selling these edible novelties for
$10-$15 bucks each. Just a thought
Bob Morton
Fusion Engineering

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