Re:Confused & 99 Conference

From: Shreyas J Bakshi (
Date: Sat Apr 24 1999 - 09:25:31 EEST


I could not attend the show but the comments and the reports put in by
you all was great. RPML is truly useful !!!

According to me CAD is no more a sticking point for RP; it is the price
of the equipments.

Sure, everything cost money but the amount of money the RP industry is
expecting is pretty high. The SBs have realised this and have dropped
their rates and are seeing benefits.

It is high time now that the OEMs too realise this and start reducing
their prices to affordable levels.

RP per say has limited application and with the metal RP coming to fore
coupled with enhanced accuracy and speed, I think it is just a matter of
time (my guess is about 2-5 years) when the RP gets into the main
production lines. When I say RP, I mean the technology and am not
restricting myself to the SBs.

Thanks list for the wonderful and balanced discussion.

With Best Regards from Shreyas J Bakshi

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