Terry and SME Conf.

From: Prof. P M Dickens (pdickens@dmu.ac.uk)
Date: Sat Apr 24 1999 - 16:39:33 EEST

Karl and others,
I think you are being a bit unfair here.

Karl - If you did not attend the conference then you only have part of the

The impression I got from Terry's presentation was that the downturn in
sales of machines was due to a temporary hiccup. And that we would soon get
over this. The impression I got was that RP was still growing in other

As far as the conference is concerned I think it went very well. I was
particularly impressed that when I turned up 15 minutes before the start I
did not have to wait to register. I have been to lots of conferences and
that has never happened before!!

I think we have to remember who the conference is targeted at. It is not
really intended for the world experts. They should be the ones presenting.
A conference like this is intended for new people or people that have a
medium level of knowledge. Experts tend to go to the Texas Symposium to
learn new things.

The only criticism I have and always have had is the missing papers in the
proceedings. However, I realise that trying to get papers from people that
are working flat out to make a profit is tough.

Generally, I believe this is a great conference and I believe the move to
Chicago will be a great decision in the future. Dearborn was too cramped.

I also believe that this technology has a great future otherwise I would do
something else!

P.S. My comments about Terry were in no way influenced by his ability to
play table soccer in the bar. Hong Kong 0 - USA/UK 1!!


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