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From: Monica & Glenn Whiteside (
Date: Sun Apr 25 1999 - 23:49:48 EEST

Steve wrote:

     "CAD is hard. It is made for engineers. Slowly, CAD is evolving to
     where the creative people can use it."

Steve, I believe you're right, CAD can be hard, but like Larry pointed out
it is a constantly evolving tool which is slowly becoming more user-friendly
as times goes by. We just had a preview of Catia version 5 and it appears
to be much more user-friendly and intuitive than version 4, although there a
lack of functionality in some areas, especially in manufacturing
applications such as NC programming. Except for the outrageous pricing, I
believe Catia version 5 could appeal to a much broader class of users, not
just hard-core engineering applications.

Larry wrote:

"Flame the engineers and they don't usually reciprocate, they just
design an extinguisher."

Nice quote Larry, at times I would have liked to use a four inch diameter
high pressure stream of water!!

Best Regards,

Glenn Whiteside

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