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Contact: Al Hastbacka Date: April 26, 1999
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SUMMARY: NASA Acquires World's Most Accurate Prototyping System

Wilton, NH, April 26, 1999-Sanders Design International, Inc. (SDI)
introduced the world's most accurate rapid prototyping system last week
at the Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Association Exhibition in
Chicago. The Sanders' Rapid PatternMaker(tm) System was developed under
a Phase II Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) contract with
NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, Alabama, to produce precision
prototype patterns for aerospace tooling applications. Dubbed "Big
Foot" during the development phase, the Rapid PatternMaker can produce
high precision, three-dimensional tooling patterns as large as one cubic

Al Hastbacka of Sanders, presented the accuracy test results of the
Rapid PatternMaker at the NASA Materials and Fabrication Techniques
Workshop held on March 29, at Langley, VA. Mr. Hastbacka said "the
Rapid PatternMaker accuracy measurements with an average error of 0.02
mm are a factor of two better when compared with the nearest test
pattern out of a field of fifteen world competitor entries in tests
conducted at the University of Tokyo".

The errors on a 9.5 inch standard user part made by this machine were
found to be less than the errors on the same part made on a Bridgeport
CNC machine.

He also said, "the enhanced performance of the Rapid PatternMaker system
is achieved by incorporating precision bearings, linear encoders, and
advanced motion control hardware and software". Initial deliveries of
Rapid PatternMaker units will begin in August of this year.

The Rapid PatternMaker system is targeted for high precision,
dimensionally accurate, tooling applications in the aerospace,
automotive, industrial and consumer market segments. It has excellent
potential for medical and microelectronics applications where accuracy,
fine features and smooth surface finish are required.

Sanders Design International, founded in 1982, is headquartered in
Wilton, NH and is engaged primarily in advanced commercial and military
research and development activities. SDI conducts development of
precision rapid prototyping equipment for a variety of industries
including medical, aerospace, electronics, automotive, tool and die,
plastics, jewelry and consumer products. SDI also conducts layered
fabrication of highly accurate patterns as a service bureau operation
for sophisticated applications.

Sanders Design International News Release April 26, 1999

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