dinasaurs (food for thought)

From: Elaine Hunt (ehunt@ces.clemson.edu)
Date: Tue Apr 27 1999 - 15:10:46 EEST

>The idiom of a person being a dinosaur is used as a snide or sarcastic
>remark, to describe a person who is living in the past, and will not
>adapt to or accept new technologies (such as RP). As I can see from
>your obituary of Mr. Steinbauer this is certainly not what you meant!!

Even in the USA calling a person a dinosaur can be sarcastic but within the
user community it is a term of respect for those beta users who were first,
took professional and personal risks, pushed hard to set standards we all
enjoy, and dearly loved this technology. While the meaning of words around
globe may vary and the usage may seem weird, the work and impact of these
dinosaurs was to blaze a trail for all of us to follow. Fred enjoyed being a
dinosaur and it fit his personality.

Fred Steinbauer and Dick Aubin had their personal and professional goals for
this technology. Those goals defined their lives and their contributions but
most of all it defined the love and respect they each received from the user

I look over messages I have written and find that in writing tributes to these
wonderful people I have to ask the following question:

If I were to write each of your obituaries today what impact would I define as
your contribution to the technology and what name would I apply to you?


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