RE: dinosaurs (food for thought)

Date: Tue Apr 27 1999 - 17:37:39 EEST

I would like to add for the record. I too was a recipient of the dinosaur
award last year along with Fred. Knowing Fred and the rest of the dinosaur
my feeling is the term dinosaur is highest level of compliment and
achievement in this industry. When someone calls you a dinosaur in
Stereolithography it make feel good to be or have been a part of this
industry. It feels good to have helped shape the way the business has gone
and will be going. Today I have my dinosaur award on my desk and people ask
me what it means and with pleasure I tell them. Fred and Dick, I worked
with very closely went I was at Pratt & Whitney and owe a lot to both for
giving me the chance to be part of this great process. I just hope the
remaining dinosaurs do not fall victim anytime soon to the same destiny
Fred and Dick have fallen victim to the past couple of years.

As secretary of this years 3DNASUG I am going to suggest to our executive
committee we dedicate this years conference in the name of our two fallen
dinosaurs Dick Aubin and Fred Steinbauer.

Guy E. Bourdeau
Secretary - 3DNASUG
Beckman Coulter
11800 SW 147th Ave. M/C: 12-A02
Miami, Fl. 33196-2500
Phone: (305) 380-3806
Fax: (305) 380-3471

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