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I think that you need to define what market you are looking into in order
to determine what materials are good. There is definitely a market for
lower cost, high speed concept models as demonstrated by the
Actua/thermojet and z-corp machines. Here durability is only of a
concern if the thing breaks easily in shipping. Beyond that the ability
to finish the model or print in multiple colors may be of use. We are
watching this market very carefully for an acceptable cost/model
size/speed machine.

ON the other end of the spectrum is functional prototyping where
processes like SLS seems to excel. Using the actual material or close to
the actual material is critical for either test or use.

So to answer your questions,
For our applications: Concept modeling- architectural
resistance to aggressive environments is not at all important
temperature is nominally important - it must be able to withstand any
normal shipping or display temperatures eg (-20C to about 40C)
critical factors - low cost and speed are more important than material

I would think this defines the concept model well. It does not define
the myriad of other markets including, investment casting (needs low ash
burnout), tooling (to make low production or as a step to make high
production molds.) market test functional prototypes. (ability to use
material or similar material to make short runs at low cost)

A good platform would incorporates a common technology with the ability
to put a variety of different materials in quickly. You could price a
basic machine with a single material functionality, and a significant
upcharge for other materials. Currently some platforms have this
utility but at a very high cost.


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