Requesting Statistical Process Control Models for the SLS

From: Mitchell J. A (
Date: Tue Apr 27 1999 - 20:36:21 EEST

Greetings RPML Subscribers,

My name is J. Mitchell and I am SLS operator at the Rapid Prototyping
Center at MSOE. I am interested in performing SPC analysis on the SLS
machine running the Duraform powder. I am developing a small model that
will observe the scaling/shrinkage in each axis during a build . I know
DTM utilizes the "nyscale" calibration, but I was wondering if you, RPML,
knew of any other models that I could use as a template.

If someone is currently using SPC on the SLS machines could you please
provide some insight on the subject. This may include data sheets, *.stl
files, reports, or webpages. I would really appreciate your time and

Let's take a step toward creating better RP machines for our businensses.

Thank you in advance,

J. Mitchell
MSOE- Rapid Prototyping Center
SLS Operator

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