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If they were my salesmen they would be on their way out the door,
especially now when the industry seems to be having trouble selling
anything. The only exception would be if they were making their quotas.
Then I would look at the quotas being too low or hire more staff as I am
losing sales.

The most effective to qualify a prospect is to speak with them for a
minute or two. If they are not looking to buy, it is not difficult to
exit from the converstaion in a short time. People know that the
salesman have a job to do and will not begrudge an honest withdrawl
after a short time. People do not appreciate not being ignored.

I myself (who was not an unknown person to the RP industry) went to the
show in 1996 to buy over US$1M worth of machines from one unnamed
company whose sales staff were not very helpful. And all I was looking
for was somebody to take an order -- I had the specifics already from my
own knowledge! I had to finally call the then-CEO and ask him if he
knew of anyone who wanted to take my money. In their defense they were
undergoing a large scale personnel change, but still no excuse. Believe
me, if there was any choice other than this manufacturer, I would have
been there in a second. Very sad, but when there is no competition, why
try harder?

Many years ago, my father told me a story (he says true, maybe just a
story...we'll never know): He was working in a Packard dealership when
an old shabbily-dressed man walked in. All the other slaespeople
ignored him and made comments amongst themselves about who was going to
throw the bum out. My father spoke to him regarding the car at which he
was looking. Five minutes later the man was opening his wallet paying
cash for a Packard Caribbean.

I myself have several friends (male & female) who are very wealthy but
are never seen in anything other than a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.

Moral -- don't judge a book by its cover.

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> -----Original Message----- > From: Rafael Santillan [] > Sent: Wednesday, April 28, 1999 5:54 AM > To: > Subject: Re: effective booth selling during RP&M > > Dear Caroll > > I understand your fellings however I do understand the boot workers as > well, after several shows and demonstrations they have learn how to > identufy potential buyers or key people and avoid as much as possible > to "waste time with some body who is not buying anything or does not > look like some one who will promote their product" I think thats > normal that is a business. To be more effective they relay in certain > details like the dressing way and attitud of the show visitors. If > they are getting bore they may expend some time with anybody just for > the sake to wake up. But if there is a lot o people at the show they > have to give special attention to the potential custemrs rather than > with the "time wasters". > > > I have being at dozens of exhibitions in USA due to my work in a R&D > in Mexico, during my first visits to shows I was too ignored, I > thought that it may be a racial thing because I am Mexican but it was > not the reason, hoever with the time I learned to dress no too casual > otherwise I was ingnored and to take an attitud like someone who is > buying a dozen of those machines at a boot. The combination of this > two things changed drastically the attitud of the most boot workers. > > So I would suggest to you to review those two things and try a > different way next time you go to any exhibition, and remember despite > we does not like it the boot workers will not change their attitud > they are there to sell their products or identify a potential buyers, > so let them feel that... > > > good look for the nex show > > > > ********************************************************************* > ** Rafael Santillan, Ph.D. Mech. Eng. Office Phone: 52-42-112623 ** > ** Analysis and Numerical Simulation Fax: 52-42-169963 ** > ** Proc. Energ. ** > ** ** > ** CIATEQ Centro de Tecnología Avanzada ** > ** <> ** > ** ** > ** Address: Calzada Retablo 150 Email: ** > > ** Queretaro,Qro. / MEXICO ZIP 76150 ** > ********************************************************************* > > For more information about the rp-ml, see

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