Terry's report

From: Elaine Hunt (ehunt@ces.clemson.edu)
Date: Wed Apr 28 1999 - 15:41:45 EEST

While I do not provide figures that support RP system sales I do provide
Terry with the section on university research work. Many of you see the
survey that I do every year and while some respond this survey is not where
my final numbers originate. This year I spent a considerable amount of
time looking at global research and every site was verified at least by 2-4
sources. I am sure that Terry takes the same pains to insure that his
forecasts are as close to reality as possible. Others including Al
Lightman do the same. As for myself I write the section for the user
community and my technology roadmaps of research provides our LAIP members
a heads-up on potential opportunities. I receive NO money for providing
Terry my section.

While I called the downturn "Terry's chasm" I only wished to give it a name
so that we can turn our efforts to educating the public about the
possibilities of this technology rather than dissecting a report. This
chasm is typical of all technologies and can appear at many intervals
during their lifetime so expect it to return again at some point. In other
words "don't panic get use to it".

What I have noticed is the proliferation of consultants for this industry.
Is that causing the discontent?

My personal goal for 1999 is to educate 100 companies about the exciting
things RP&M can do for them. What's yours?

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