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I agree with your statments. However, Terry Wholers needs to get his facts
right before he makes verbal statments to the industry. I have received
numerous calls since your recent meeting in Chicago regarding Compression Inc.
To set the record straight Compression did not go under we did not close our
doors. In fact Compression is doing very well as we move forward with the
reorganization. Where is Terry getting his information?

Lightman, Allan J wrote:

> I have found it somewhat painful to read the rather acrimonious evaluation
> of Terry Wohlers' State of the Industry report at the recent RP meeting in
> Chicago. Particularly distressing is that the participants are all
> champions of the RP arena and, I think, fervently work for the success of
> this technology. Terry has been a champion in every sense: through
> publications in a variety of journals, initiating the foundation of
> societies (RPA/SME) and organizations (GARPA), and interfacing with
> government sponsors to aid with RP technology development. Collecting
> statistical data on the state of the industry is perilous, at best. Most
> sources view this information as 'Competition Sensitive.' And while
> everyone wants to know how the industry is faring, few want everyone to know
> how they are doing in particular. For the past years, while expansion was
> in progress, nobody questioned the veracity of Terry's figures or his
> sources. Now, when he reports a concern about stagnation, he is pilloried.
> (Somewhat of a double standard.)
> I have assisted Terry collecting data on government sponsorship of RP
> related activities. Every year this information becomes more difficult to
> assess as the focus of research shifts from technology development to
> applications and the RP effort gets integrated into a larger scope. In a
> similar way, as RP systems become integrated into mainline manufacturing,
> proportioning the 'RP business' becomes ever more difficult. Evaluating the
> health of the industry and its future potential is more tenuous, but vital
> for potential new entrants. (To misquote Yogi Bera: It is very difficult to
> make predictions, especially about the future.)
> The issue is serious. But when you don't like the message, it does not
> improve the situation to attack the messenger. I encourage all those who
> want more accurate statistical data to work together to develop a better
> method of measurement. Terry has shown exemplary integrity and he carefully
> considers the impact of every statement he makes in his report.
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