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Elaine Hunt wrote:

> Could this DLP be used one day in RP? It is mirror based.....if you
> remember TI's patent.
> > Hitachi and Texas Instruments Announce Agreement To Jointly
> >Develop HDTV
> >
> > April 27, 1999 11:01 AM EDT
> >
> >
> > Digital Light Processing technology chosen as basis for new
> >all-digital multimedia display
> >
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The concept of using DLPs for RP has been around for a while and, I think,
that one system has been in use for a couple of years at SRI. From an early
stage TI mentioned the goal of HDTV resolution (about 2000x1000) and they
have been improving their processing and their yields at lower resolutions.
I have looked into the potential use for RP and I have had several
discussions with folks at TI. There are a couple of items that you need to
be aware of. The mirrors are good in the visible region, it is not sure how
well they will reflect in the UV. A couple of years ago TI told me that
there was some material left on the chip which might cause the mirrors to
freeze after extended exposure to UV (10 hours or so). This may not now be
the case but, as it does not affect visible operation, they may not have
addressed the issue. Getting light into and out of these arrays is not
trivial, particularly if you want to work at low magnification. TI
maintains a wealth of information on their website.

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