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I think that in your statement your implies that others here are not
commenting with the best interest of the industry in mind. The fact that
you use the RE: SOTI Report and SME as a reply mechanism enforces that
thought and I'd like to say that every comment, suggestion, thought and
remark whether it good bad or indifferent is in the best interest of the RP


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        It is always a pleasure to get your comments - they are always
directed with
        the best interests of the RP community in mind.

        We have not yet considered to option of putting the back issues of
        Proceedings on CD. That is a welcome suggestion and we will take it
        consideration. Back issues are available in hard copy. Anyone
        should contact Dr. Mukesh Agarwala at

        The next 'Dayton' conference will be co-sponsored by the University
        Dayton and the Japanese Society of Die and Mold Technology. It is
        for June 12-13, 2000 in Tokyo, Japan. Conference announcements will
        forthcoming shortly.


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> I am not unhappy with his numbers.... they just prove we have much
work to
> do.
> If I panicked when wall street did a bobble I'd never go near it
> would be dumb.
> Alot of people commented on how much they missed the Dayton event.
> you
> planning on putting copies of the proceeding on CDs for the
industry. If
> not alot of good research and data will one day be lost to newer
> generations of users. Dayton should keep it's rightful place in
> history as the first global conferences.
> The DLP stuff is part of my son-in-law's work at TI. He can tell
you more
> about the specifics of the system. Tim Ryan , Sr. Software
> Digital Imaging
> Texas Instruments,
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