RE: SOTI Report at SME

From: Lightman, Allan J (
Date: Wed Apr 28 1999 - 18:58:53 EEST


I have the highest respect for you as an engineer, an RPer, and as a person.
I know that you have worked hard for the success of RP. My comments can be
summarized as: constructive criticism is positive, make suggestions on how
to improve things.


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> Al,
> I think that in your statement your implies that others here are not
> commenting with the best interest of the industry in mind. The fact that
> you use the RE: SOTI Report and SME as a reply mechanism enforces that
> thought and I'd like to say that every comment, suggestion, thought and
> remark whether it good bad or indifferent is in the best interest of the
> RP
> community!
> Karl

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