Re: Sizing up a customer by their mode of dress

Date: Wed Apr 28 1999 - 19:55:25 EEST

On the one hand I want to say that sizing someone up by their mode of dress
is a natural human reaction...Mayor Sonny Bono single-handedly killed the
Palm Springs spring break ritual by declaring that he wanted "a Monte Carlo
crowd, not a T-shirt crowd." I think many of us have probably gone into a
Nordstroms-type store wearing a tie, and been asked for assistance by
strangers who simply assumed we work their because we look like we are an

On the other hand, with Humanity's history of rounding people up and
dispatching them, as has happened over and over in this century, Armenia,
Poland, Bosina, I feel we should have no tolerance for this type of
discrimination. We need to learn to be a better society.

What does this have to do with RP? I'll be manning my company's booth at
this years Siggraph, where we will be displaying Actua models from our film
work, so this thread has been very thought provoking.


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