Re: Sizing up a customer by their mode of dress

Date: Wed Apr 28 1999 - 14:21:35 EEST

Being in and from a sales/marketing background, I have seen and
heard a lot of methods and approaches to selling. I have heard
lectures about pre-qualifying customers by observation and
conversation. I am thankful for the Christian principles that I have
been taught (treat all people as greater than yourself, "Do unto
others as you would have them do unto you...", etc.) and the
experience that I gained in retail sales during my college years. It
has lead me to the conclusion that most pre-qualification of
prospective customers is worthless, except the data obtained
through credit checks used in some industries.

I have sold a lot of products/services to people who did not exhibit
the traditional characteristics of a "typical" consumer in a particular
industry. Those consumers usually turned out to be the best
customers of all because they reciprocated my respect for them
with loyalty to me. I purposefully purchase high-cost items in casual
dress to see how the salesperson(s) react to me. I want to know if
they actually have an interest meeting my needs, or just want to see
how much I can pad their pocketbook.

Bottom line, gender, clothing, style and appearance are irrelevant
when it comes to the purchasing power of a consumer and human
relations in general. Sometimes good salespersons make mistakes,
and sometimes salespersons just doesn't have the integrity, smarts
and/or intuition to do the right things.

Ron Clemons

From: Steven <>
Subject: Sizing up a customer by their mode of dress
> I can tell you that this is a perilous way to size up a customer. I have
> either sold or made jewelry since I was 15 and I cannot tell you the
> number of surprises I have had with casually/shabbily dressed people who
> opened up to purchase an expensive item, FOR CASH. In fact, I have read
> studies to the effect that a majority of "millionaires" are not the chic,
> credit overextended, individuals we all think represent that social class.
> Over 60% live in nice, yet somewhat modest houses, dress casually, and
> are engaged in the more mundane manufacturing/dirty hands businesses.
> Many brokers, doctors, and lawyers, when you balance their high incomes
> with their spending habits/credit situation, don't have a pot to piss in.
> They live on the edge of their high income, secure that it will never fail
> them.
> So shun the poorly dressed at your own peril.
> Wear sunscreen.
> Steven Pollack
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