RE: Sizing up a customer by their mode of dress

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Date: Thu Apr 29 1999 - 14:54:24 EEST

How did we go from a woman being ignored, to someone who was shabbily
dressed being ignored. Nowhere in the original message did it mention that
this woman was shabbily dressed. Somewhere in all of these message the
original observation has been lost. This WOMAN was stating that SHE was
being ignored, and not because of the way SHE was dressed, but she felt that
because SHE was a WOMAN they were ignoring HER. Wake up GUYS! What we are
trying to tell you all is that it's time to come out of of the dark ages and
pay attention to ALL potential customer regardless of gender.

I run 5 SLA machines for the largest defense industry in the U.S. and I have
the largest SLA lab in that industry. Guess What??? I AM WOMAN (hear me

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> I can tell you that this is a perilous way to size up a customer. I have
> either sold or made jewelry since I was 15 and I cannot tell you the
> number
> of surprises I have had with casually/shabbily dressed people who opened
> up
> to purchase an expensive item, FOR CASH. In fact, I have read studies to
> the effect that a majority of "millionaires" are not the chic, credit
> overextended, individuals we all think represent that social class. Over
> 60% live in nice, yet somewhat modest houses, dress casually, and are
> engaged in the more mundane manufacturing/dirty hands businesses.
> Many brokers, doctors, and lawyers, when you balance their high incomes
> with
> their spending habits/credit situation, don't have a pot to piss in. They
> live on the edge of their high income, secure that it will never fail
> them.
> So shun the poorly dressed at your own peril.
> Wear sunscreen.
> Steven Pollack
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