SGI NT workstations ( the continuing saga )

Date: Thu Apr 29 1999 - 17:11:22 EEST

A few months ago someone posted on the RPML asking if anyone had tried the
new SGI NT workstations. I replied that I had attended the product release
seminar and had ordered 6 of them in the first week in January. Well it has
now been nearly 5 months and I am still waiting for my systems. My company
got tired of waiting and had to cancel the bulk of the order. We ordered Dell
computers instead. I think they still have one system on order ( for me )
Which we hope to get mid May ( I'm not holding my breath). I am no longer
responsible for procuring computer equipment at this company ( I wonder why ?
). We had been using SGI UNIX computers for over a dozen years we still have
about a dozen in service. Since they are not Y2K compliant they will all have
to be replaced before years end. The frustrating part for me in this
situation was, I wrote about my dilemma and posted it on RPML in March. There
were several people who responded that had ordered their computers after I
had and already recieved them. This is the point that destroyed my
credibility in my company. This mess cost us millions in lost revenue I hope
no one else falls in the same hole.
Bob (looking for a job) Morton
Fusion Engineering

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