Re: Brain needed

From: Paul Burr (
Date: Sat May 01 1999 - 15:03:32 EEST

At 11:53 PM -0600 4/30/99, Charles Overy wrote:
>I am looking for someone who could make a sample model of a brain at at
>least life size, preferably bigger. A colleague of mine makes exhibits
>for trial lawyers and is interested in using RP technology. He may be
>able to secure CT data but if anyone has it that would be better.
>Please can you also let me know the cost.
>Chalres Overy
Charles: Wow, There's a good joke hiding in this one! How about "This
lawyer walks into court with a brain in his hand......." Or, "How many
lawyers brains to you have to scan to RP one life size model?"
Just a little weekend humor ;-)

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