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Date: Sun May 02 1999 - 05:20:02 EEST

I made a similar request for a model of a brain earlier this year. I
received several replies from people on this list, but a model offered by
Randy Shively ( had the best detail. We built the
model in the Sinterstation using the DSM Somos 201 material. It is a
flexible material that can be used for gaskets, door trim, radiator hoses,
and other applications requiring a flexible prototype. For the brain, we
hollowed out the STL file so that the final model had a sintered shell with
powder trapped inside (we were going for the squishy feel). We sealed the
part with a polyurethane material supplied by BJB. You can choose from a
rainbow of colors to mix with the polyurethane, we choose a blue/gray
color. The sealant improves the wear resistance and makes the model

If you were looking for something like this, I suggest that you first
contact Randy about the use of his file, then contact a Service Provider
that is using the Somos 201 material in a SLS Sinterstation System.

Christian Nelson
DTM Corporation
(512) 425-2934

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I am looking for someone who could make a sample model of a brain at at
least life size, preferably bigger. A colleague of mine makes exhibits
for trial lawyers and is interested in using RP technology. He may be
able to secure CT data but if anyone has it that would be better.
Please can you also let me know the cost.


Chalres Overy

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