Photo of the RPML meeting at Chicago Conference 99

From: Rafael Santillan (
Date: Mon May 03 1999 - 18:02:43 EEST

Hii all

I post this mail since las saturday, howver since it did not appear on the list despite to be sent 2 times it looks like it is being filtered maybe becouse of the 117 Kb size of the attached file (photograph) so I am sending again but this time without any attachment hope you can get it now.
By the way is there any filter criteria for emails or attachments ??? I just wonder...

>First that all I would like to apologize for the ones (like me! ) that
>does not like to receive attachments, for sending the photo I took ( well a
>waiter did ) during the meeting we had a week ago in Chicago. Sorry for
>sending it to everybody in the list, but I tough you may like to see to
>whom are we writing to !
>I am sending as an attachment (virus free!!) only one of the photographs I
>took and actually is a low resolution one (110 Kb) to avoid causing to
>much harm, however if you would like to get a higher quality one (890 Kb)
>I already place the photo and some other 6 photos of the meeting in a ftp
>site I did open for the list. The address is
>< >
>The most of the files are medium quality photos (rpml_01 to 08) if you
>would like to get a higher quality please send me an email and I will post
>a better one. I have the original photos in a 8X6 135mm format
>The file rpml_01.jpg does contain the high quality image of the whole
>group during our meeting on Wednesday 21 similar to the one a sent as
>attachment but with better resolution.
>The files rpml_03 to 08 does contain a series of photographs of the
>listers in the meeting across the room starting from the door on an
>anti-clockwise sequence.
>I have planned to place the name of everybody with an arrow on the photo
>but with a single neuron powered brain I could not retain the names of all
>of you that where there, so I decided not to place any name until being
>able to identify everybody in the shoot.
> you can get it from any internet browser (NETSCAPE, AOL, EXPLORER, etc.)
>just apply double click to the site if it does appear in different color
>as the rest of the mail text, if not type it, and once you are in the page
>touch the file number you want to download to your hard disk. I am sure
>that most of you knows how to get it, however if you have any problem
>please send me an email.
>Finally what about the idea to recreate the data base of the list to know
>more about what we do and where we are, I was thinking in to create a
>very simple questionnaire to be filled by everybody and sent to someone in
>the list (like Elaine who is the one I know has more experience about this
>!) to structure the database and place in one of the ftp site of the list.
>Enjoy the photos and thanks for gave us the opportunity to meet, it was a
>great experience !!!

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