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Dear Peter
> I've heard that it is possible to make thin wall diecasting
> metal prototype by investment casting with vacuum assisted.
> Would anyone kind enough to share their experience,no matter
> good or bad, on this topic with me?
> I've heard that The SpeedVac 960 system from SpeedForm in
> Germany can do such kind of job.

In principle yes. It is possible to manufacture metal prototypes with thin
walls using this process. The casting is done by a low difference pressure.
Therefore, the metal structure is different from that of die casting. But it
is more similar as with investment casting. The process is suitable if you
need about 5 to 30 parts. The parts should not be larger than 250mm in each

The company "Leotech", a service bureau in the area of Stuttgart is running
the process for a plenty of months. Please, contact Martin Bayer, phone +49
(0) 7152 9283440, fax: +49 (0)7152 7312010.



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