Re: STL from IDEAS

From: Stamatios Polydoras (
Date: Thu May 06 1999 - 11:03:55 EEST

Sherrick, George wrote:

> We have a need to go from an IDEAS 4.0 model to STL, does anyone have any
> experience with this problem? It will output an IGES file, so a utility to
> convert from IGES to STL that runs on UNIX would work. Does anyone have
> such a shareware utility?
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  Dear Mr.Sherric,

In IDEAS Masterseries 4.0 within the "DESIGN" Task there is the "Rapid
Prototyping" Application. It can produce very good STL files from your part
If you do not have a license for it as I understand, then a different approach
would be to try downloading an STL manipulation software from which might be able to import IGES and convert it into STL.

Stamatis Polydoras

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