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Date: Thu May 06 1999 - 16:49:57 EEST

Vern, we have been running the CastForm for several months now with very
good results. Material runs fairly quickly. It is necessary to clean the
roller in between builds. We just use a Scotchbrite pad on it. Thick
wall parts are very easy to handle before wax infiltration. Thin wall
parts do need to be handled with care. We have run several large parts
with .050 inch wall thicknesses successfully. Parts are infiltrated with
a dipping wax. We preheat the parts for about 5 minutes, then immerse in
wax for about 90 seconds. Dipping turned out to be a much more simple
process than I expected. After dipping, the parts are much easier to

We have probably run over 100 parts with excellent casting results in
conjunction with Truecast Precision Castings in Louisville, KY. They
have cast Al, AluMag, Stainless Steels, carbon steels, and Zamacs. You
can contact Dave Hubbard at Truecast at 502-937-1481 for more info.


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