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<< Hi everybody
         I was wondering if any body knows of any foundries who use the Shaw
 casting process or any other high temp casting process which does not need a
 sacrificial pattern. Many thanks for your consideration.
 Best regards >>
    My company Fusion Engineering can provide you with cast Steel cavities
without having to destroy your master. Our process is also well suited to
multiple cavities. We are a licencee of the 3D Keltool process from 3D
Systems ( Our typical delivery is 8-10 days. You will need
to add a couple days shipping to that of course. The cost is around $30 USD
per cubic inch with an iniitiation charge of about $350 USD for the first
cubic inch plus shipping. The 3D Keltool process has much less shrink ( .6%
verses 2% for shaw process) Plus the warpage is much less, which means less
finishing required. Plus we can hold much finer detail than most any other
process available today. You can visit our website at if you
need further info.
Bob Morton
Fusion Engineering

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