RE: Reverse engineering a valve body - CT and destructive solutions

From: Brian Kissel (
Date: Mon May 10 1999 - 01:47:04 EEST

Hi Glyn,

For non-destructive CT, you might want to try SMS in Austin, Texas:

Jim Rollins
Scientific Measurement Systems
2210 Denton Dr. Suite 106
Austin, Texas 78758
Tel # 512-837-4712 Fax # 512-837-9082

For destructive testing, try Craig Crump at CGI

Capture Geometry Inside, Eden Prairie, MN, USA

15161 Technology Drive
Eden Prarie, MN 55344 U.S.A.

Phone : 1-612-937-2005
Fax: 1-612-937-3018

He also has a list of service bureaus around the country at


Brian Kissel
CEO, Paraform, Inc.
795 San Antonio Road, Palo Alto, CA 94303
Phone: 650.846.2110 Fax: 650.846.2160 URL:

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Subject: Reverse engineering a valve body

Dear List:

I need to have a valve body reverse engineered. It is about the size of a
hand. It is PFA teflon.
 I would prefer non-destructive reverse engineering over destructive
although this is not a critical issue. What process is more accurate? Is one
faster or cheaper? There is a lot of internal detail so I assume it must be
by X-ray or destruction.
Are there other accurate processes? Where can I get this done?

Glyn Churchman
Prototech, Inc.

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