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From: Christopher Charles Ainslev (Dr) (
Date: Mon May 10 1999 - 07:46:37 EEST

Hi Everybody

        I would like to thank the people who replied to my posting, I would
also like to state more clearly what I actually want as my previous message
was a bit ambiguous.

I am currently researching slip casting process as a method of forming
injection moulding inserts. I have been using plaster of paris as my casting
mould and have had some success in making injection moulding tools in
stainless steel and Silicon carbide. My main problem now is that plaster has
some problems when it comes to generating complex cavities, thus I am
looking for a alternative to the plaster, this is why I what to try the
ceramic moulds from the shaw process as a alternative.
This is the reason why I am looking for a foundry who uses the shaw process.

        Best regards

                        Chris Ainsley

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