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Date: Mon May 10 1999 - 10:29:11 EEST

please visit the Anatomics web page

to see a surface rendering of a 3D ultrasound dataset and the resultant SLA
BioModel produced from a SLC file from the 2D slices. It is not a case of the
resolution being too coarse, quite the opposite - Ultrasound data of superficial
structures (that is objects close to the transducer such a large fetus in a
womb) is high resolution, at least comparable with CT resolutions of around 0.4
mm. The data can seem very "noisy" however as the transducer is picking up every
fine detail. The other problem is the reliance of a 3D acquisition on the
steadiness of the sonographer's hand in sweeping the transducer for the 11 or so
second scan, and the need for the fetus not to move during this acquisition.
These limitations, and the need to convert the data from proprietary formats
make the process difficult but achieveable.
Things can only get better....

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Elaine Hunt wrote:

> Anyone got a translator from ultrasound to STL? Is the resolution high > enough to use to build a model? Any one tried? Please post to the entire > list and not just to me. >

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For more information about the rp-ml, see

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