High Tg resins from RPC

From: Steinmann (b.steinmann@rpc.ch)
Date: Mon May 10 1999 - 17:03:57 EEST

RPC announces the commercialization of three high temperature epoxy resins for stereolithography.

The RPCure 300 series is available for the three laser types:

RPCure 300 HC for machines equipped with a He/Cd-laser
RPCure 300 AR for machines equipped with an AR/UV-laser
RPCure 300 ND for machines equipped with a solid state laser.

These resins have a glass transition tmeperature of ca. 120C and good mechanical properties. They resist temperatures up to 150C and are suitable for high temperature applications like tests in boiling water and hot air.

For more information please contact:

Bettina Steinmann
RPC Ltd.
PO Box 259
1723 Marly 1, Switzerland

Phone +41-26-439 95 90
Fax +41-26-439 95 99

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