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Neat process, I assume the reason you can't model any more of the head is
due to the fetus's position in the womb?
I can really see a big market for this not just for early fetal diagnostics
but also for mothers who want a 3D model of their child in the womb, similar
to the ultrasound videos they are selling now.

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Glenn Whiteside

>please visit the Anatomics web page
>to see a surface rendering of a 3D ultrasound dataset and the resultant SLA
>BioModel produced from a SLC file from the 2D slices. It is not a case of
>resolution being too coarse, quite the opposite - Ultrasound data of
>structures (that is objects close to the transducer such a large fetus in a
>womb) is high resolution, at least comparable with CT resolutions of around
>mm. The data can seem very "noisy" however as the transducer is picking up
>fine detail. The other problem is the reliance of a 3D acquisition on the
>steadiness of the sonographer's hand in sweeping the transducer for the 11
or so
>second scan, and the need for the fetus not to move during this
>These limitations, and the need to convert the data from proprietary
>make the process difficult but achieveable.
>Things can only get better....
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>Elaine Hunt wrote:
>> Anyone got a translator from ultrasound to STL? Is the resolution high
>> enough to use to build a model? Any one tried? Please post to the
>> list and not just to me.
>> Elaine
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